Who are Eso Natak Shikhi?

The Group comprises of young enthusiast aged 5 to 15 who take off their academics to sharpen their ability. It is a center for theatre training & production running for 15 years braving all odds. They perform with equal ease & skill not only at the city Kolkata, but in the suburbs & villages of Bengal as well as in other cities like Delhi, Hydrabad, Nagpur, Allahabad, Lucknow, Dhanbad, Bongaigaon, Gorokhpur, Cuttack, Tezpur, Kochi, Imphal, Jagdalpur & so on. To us children’s drama does not mean staging of fairy tales. Our productions are strikingly topical. The basic idea is to show the intrusion of the vices of adults on the children’s world. The troupe has kept on earning laurels from competitions at State & National level. Telecast of their play has also done by Kolkata Doorshan, E TV Bangla & Sonar Bangla. The group organizes National Children’s Theatre Fest in Kolkata each year.

Why Children’s Theater?

Our aim is to create a vanguard for social consciousnesss & better human understanding. Enlighten the children below poverty line through amusement. Establishmentof a drama academy to take all responsibilites of a child including food, shelter, clothing, education, medication. Application of theater in education. Regular perfomance for child audience at free of cost. Organize workshops in remote areas for the unpriviledge children. Raise a groupe of whole-time theater workers.

The Leader behind the enterprise is Dr. Tapas Das, a veteran actor of Nandikar, Gananatya & other theatre groups during eighties. Himself the founder-director of the troupe, Dr. Das is a playwright too. Kolkata Doordarshan, E TV Bangla etc, telecast many of his play-productions.  National Theatre Conference at Cuttack has honoured him with ‘Natyabhusan’ for his works on children’s play. He was the only Indian representative at International Directors Seminar on Children’s Theatre at Stuttgart, Germany last year. City Moon, a children’s group of Sydney, Australia, invited him this year.

The Leader

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