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The Whirlpool

Synopsis - The rural boy comes to city for study, but the octopus of urban culture soon weans him away from his roots. The endangered generation caught in the web of drug addiction seeks a way out.


The Lethal Weapon

Synopsis - The minister of Prachinpur had constructed a lethal weapon. The emperor of neighboring Achinpur did the same by stealing the formula. The child king of Prachinpur with the help of the shepherd girl & a bird unfolded the conspiracy & destroyed the weapon.

J a n t r o na

Synopsis - The parents tried to make the boy all rounder, fit for the rat race of modern times. The boy in turn tried to cope with the aspirations of his parents leaving his childhood far behind. But this mechanical approach to the life told upon his health, precisely a psychosomatic disease was manifested. Instead of nerve cells microchips generated, instead of blood vessels optical fibers formed. The media, the scientists, the ministers pounced on to grab the wonder of this millennium.The robo-kid was fortunate enough to be exported to America as many other indigenous commodities.

Tatan Aar Sada Payra

Tatan & the White Pigeon

Synopsis - In the mind of little Tatan there is not a bit of peace, because draught is reigning in his country. This is due to the experiments of the King with various new weapons. Tree, Stone & Rabbit give the direction where the peace bird the white pigeon inhabits. There will be no violence, no enmity among the people if the bird arrives in this country. Tatan starts his journey in search of the peace bird. Will he be able to achieve success overcoming the forest, the mountain, the Iceland combating the three demons?

Dukhuramer Arupkatha

The Tale Of Dhukhuram

Theme : A boy who can speak freely to plant, bird, river but fails to elicit any response from an artificial plant in a TV studio. He returns from the city in humiliation just like his doll’s player father a decade ago. Whether he can play a positive role to conserve the ailing folk art ?

E Amar Desh

This Is My Country

Synopsis - A group of five school children are kidnapped by terrorists at gunpoint on their way back home. The ultras demand the release of their leader from jail in exchange. The innocent boys turn mature overnight. With a new-found love for their country in the face of atrocities, they begin their struggle for escape in their own way.

Bubuner Ankarog

The Drawing Disease Of Bubun

Theme - Little Bubun is obsessed with drawing. Be it the time for homework or map

pointing, he goes on drawing the same picture. Once asked to write an essay on

childhood in the classroom, he causes a flutter by drawing the picture of his dream.

The family Guruji’s attempts fail to solve the problem. Then comes the psychiatrist.

Does he find a way to cure the disease ?

Ekta Mather Jonye

For A Play Ground

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D a l c h u t

Theme - They are players of the same locality. They play in the same

playground – one group football, the other cricket. As the ground is

only one, a group has conflict with other. One day all dispute vanishes

as the round will be turned into a multistoried building by a land shark.

In absence of a ground they start a new game that brings them in front

 of a necked reality. And the child’s play turns into a voice of protest

Theme - They are all street boys -one pocket snatcher, one beggar, one cobbler, one hawker. One day a home truant kid flocks with them. He fans them to recollect their almost forgotten past. They start dreaming, desire learning. But everything do not transform into soothing verse, some become hard prose.